Spiritual Service and Market Research: A Win Win Situation

A week and a half ago I had disabled my Facebook account, didn’t use Twitter and had a fairly neglected LinkedIn profile. I didn’t like social media at all. I didn’t trust server stacks storing every word that I typed on the internet or knowing where I was, who I knew and what I did. Whether or not this distrust is warranted is irrelevant. I knew that I had to embrace social media in order to spread Awesomeness, so I did!

I decided that I was going to enjoy and love using social. So with a few rounds of affirmations I reprogrammed my outlook on that part of my life. Now I look forward to blogging every day.

I’m doing the same with market research for the book that I’m currently working on. I’m embracing market research as part of my spiritual/entrepreneurial practice. It may sound silly to some, but I have a lot of resistance towards intentionally finding out what people need and giving it to them. However, spending time writing about whatever I feel like without an analysis of what people are buying is a fundamentally a self serving hobby, rather than people-serving business. Seeing that I’m getting into the business of service it only makes sense to do so.


The great news is that it’s simple win win situation that can be broken down into a few (challenging steps)

1. Find out what people would love to read, (under the broad umbrella of what I’d love to write about)

2.Write about that

3.Have people love what I write

4.Have fun, Profit & be of service


Which is significantly better but only slightly different than the following:


1. Write what I feel like writing without caring about whether people like it or not

2. Have people care about my writing just as much as I cared about them

3. Have a fun but useless hobby

So it’s clear to me which road I’m going to take. I just had never thought of how beautiful it is that the fundamentals of creating a good business are also directly aligned with my goals and values.

Thanks for reading, I’m going to go re-program my mind to enjoy reading google analytics.


To Whine or To Win Part II

I felt it necessary to write a follow up post clarifying the point of Deciding to be Awesome: it inspires others to do so. When we surround ourselves with other Awesome, Empowered, Inspiring people, we can then spread that to the world. Winning not a journey for the self, yet it is a journey about the self.

When we are at our lowest points, we often need friends and family to help us get into a position to be able to offer our highest potential to the world around us. Especially in these times we are doing no favors to anyone by being around draining or discouraging people.

Also, it is no good for us or the world around us to carry its burdens on our shoulders. Life is a group project and the only person that we have true control over is ourselves. This is why it’s so important that we take care of that person, love that person and then spread like an infectious light to those around us.

Everybody Wins. True winning is a Win Win proposition. The better you feel, the more you take care of yourself, the better the world around you gets. It’s a true honor to be in a place to be able to be there for a friend who is having a rough time, because you’re moving in the direction you love in life and are standing on solid ground.

So let there be no confusion, Winning is something that we have to do for ourselves, but I’ve found that the logical next step to having access to my power is to shine and then effortlessly i attract other shiny people and we create a synergistic energy that explodes out of control.


Ammanuel Ravi Santa Anna

To Whine or to Win, A Guide to Awesomeness!

First of all, this post is for those who Choose to Be Awesome. It’s not intended to put anyone down, because first of all, we all have access to our own Inner Awesomeness. The information is pretty much freely available on this site and a thousand others in a million different ways. It is free. The guidance is there and the power is in there for you too!

Secondly, we’re going to be dealing with some harsh truths today: The fact that we’re responsible for the lives we lead and even when something is 99% someone else’s fault, it’s your responsibility to take 100% of your 1%.

Finally, there is a difference between whining and expressing discontent. One is draining, consistent, and obnoxious and the other is a form of healthy human articulation of an undesirable situation. I liken expressing discontent to saying “ouch” when you get a cut and whining to calling all of your friends, posting on Facebook, and taking your partner hostage as you are baffled why your cut got infected because you failed to….put a bandaid and Neosporin on the same sized cut.

I listen compassionately when my great friends are going through difficulties and I am on the opposite side of the spectrum where I have had to learn to express my own difficulties.

However, I am extremely pro-active. If there’s a part of my life that I can or even think that I could change for the better, I’m right on it. A week or so ago I was uselessly worrying about something. So what did I do? I wrote complied and published “Ammanuel on Words“.

There’s no time to worry about things that are outside of my control when I’m working a 30 hour weekend getting my first (Awesome!) book of poetry out on the internet. And go figure, people like it! This is what I decide to do rather than worry and whine.

I intuitively knew for a couple of weeks that I had to make a blog, but when I was approached by the beautiful (and turns out, Soul Sibling)Heather Waxman and she told me to make a blog, I didn’t hesitate. I just decided to make blogs every day. And thus, AmmanuelSantaAnna.com.

These are all examples of being pro-active and they are just part of being a Divinely Awesome person.

But you don’t even have to start with projects. If there’s something about you that you’d like to change about yourself or your life, you can pray about it! And for all the Awesome Agnostics & Atheists reading this, affirmations work just as well! I use both, but I have a pretty broad definition of what spirituality and empowerment mean to me.

So we have choices to make. There are ways that we can change our life, take control of our existence and with dutiful practice, they work. be it on the realm of thought, spirit or taking action. I prefer all three. Why?

Mostly because Being Awesome is (by definition) Awesome and it keeps me from my greatest fear: Being the Whiner. Whining is a contagious ailment of the soul. You’ll know that you’ve been infected because you’ll take a break from your winning regiment and start doing it yourself.

The cure for this disease? A prompt quarantine (ie walking away, changing the subject or accepting that you are being subject to whining) of the source of the disease and, in the words of Abraham from Esther Hicks (in their apt email this morning) “bless them all, and get on with the only thing you have any power about, which is [being awesome]”

Good luck and have a great day!

– Ammanuel Ravi Desta Santa Anna

Gratitude, Chronic Pain & Lemonade

Good morning and happy hump day! Today I’m going to explore the concept of radical gratitude.

We all know that it’s in poor form to be ungrateful. No one likes an ungrateful guest, we are taught to say please and thank you from an early age, (hopefully) but what about our relationship with our lives?

I was on the bus this morning, contemplating my chronic pain and thought about the thousand other “adversities” that I have had in my life. I remembered my own words from my upcoming book, “The Winners Guide Through The twelve steps and thought “Impossible situations met with the appropriate tools breed Awesomeness”.

What this means is that when life hands us lemons, make lemonade. But how do we do this? Well, of course with the appropriate tools (in this case a metaphorical juicer).

I have no idea how i’m going to do this but through life I have always found, received, been given, or stumbled upon the appropriate tools to turn ostensibly terrible situations into life improving ones. So I decided that since it was a matter of time before that happened with this, I would just decide to be grateful for whatever good was going to come out of my chronic pain, ahead of time.

It’s like pre-gaming for the awesomeness that is soon to come and it is MUCH more enjoyable than feeling helpless hopeless and worst of all, a victim of circumstance.

This can be applied to anything. When we have a problem and decide to be grateful for what good is going to come of it, then we are prepared mentally to find solutions. When we are open to solutions and positive outcomes we are much more likely to find them.

Also my pain immediately diminished and I felt better. It’s like inducing the placebo effect but instead of taking a sugar pill I am actively activating my minds ability to feel better with nothing other than expectation of a positive outcome.

I’m now having a great day and I hope that you are too!

Stay Awesome – Ammanuel

The Importance of Mirror Affirmations and Telling Yourself You’re Awesome!

One day when I was younger, I was walking down the street and overheard this guys say “If you keep telling yourself how great you are you’re bound to believe it eventually.”

Something clicked and IT WAS ON!

The truth in these words made sooo much sense to me. Since then I must have read dozens of books on the subject.

An affirmation is simply a statement of your choosing that you want to believe. And you keep saying it to yourself until you believe it. It can be written down, said to yourself silently, outloud, thought or, in my experience the hardest and quickest way is saying it to myself in a mirror.

It may sound silly, and it is BUT IT WORKS! We’re all born into a world/family where we absorb beliefs by default. But a lot of these are just plain useless! Especially if you’re goal is to live an Awesome Life!

So what I did (with this incredibly simple but powerful practice) Is write down on paper all the beliefs that I didn’t like and began reciting affirmations that I DID like. And sure enough, I began to believe them and it worked!

Don’t know where to begin? I’ve created a set of worksheets that you can use to get started, and will put them up here for you to download and use for your own “self directed mind re-programming”. It’s a lot better than someone else telling you what to believe!

Affirmations are also useful in that they let you get out of negative cycles. Our beliefs determine what we experience in a number of ways. And many nasty cycles in life, relationships or work, can be remedied by a good round of (daily) affirmations. It’s hard work, but it’s also simple and powerful.

Once again, I’ll dig up these sheets and put them here. Just follow this post or subscribe to the blog and you’ll be notified once their up here. I also will have a full affirmations 101 instructions sheet.

Have fun!

Deva Premal and Mitten: “A Deeper Light” Music Review


Deva Premal is an amazing sacred musician who chants sacred sanskrit mantra over soothing background music. I’ve listened to her work for years and it’s really soothing and relaxing.

However I always wished that I could have this Awesome, spiritual chanting over something that I could listen to throughout the day.

This album does just that. To my surprise the album is over Dub, (think Bob Marley but even more relaxed) one of my favorite music forms. I couldn’t have found a better combination!

The album begins with a soft flute and a slow reggae drum beat. I was whisked away by the flute and then the deep slow, walking bass came in and I knew this was going to be a new favorite album.

I thought “this must be too good to be true, surely not ALL of the tracks are this great” but they were. I highly recommend checking this album out if your looking for something that is both relaxing, enlightening with enough movement to keep you awake through the day.

You can preview the album or but it from their site here: Deva Premal and Mitten “A Deeper Light”

The World Needs All Kinds (Masochists too)

I was Just speaking to a med student Muhammed. He’s finishing his semester in med school today.
We laughed about both being named after prophets. But it occurred to me that we probably have something else in common too.

We both probably have been working since we woke up this morning. And the morning before.
I thanked him for doing his work because i am just not cut out to be a doctor! I told him that it’s nice knowing that someone else out there is doing it because we need good doctors (desperately.)

He said with a laugh, “some of us are masochists”

And it made sense. He’s doing what he’s here to do. So am I. I’m not a masochist so I can only do work I love, and that makes me feel great every minute! Yesterday i worked from for am till 10pm and was passionate about every second of it. Hey! I had a book to publish and edit and another one on the way as well as blogging and enjoying myself!

What do you call workaholism when you’re doing the work you love?

I think it’s called enjoying your passions in life!

But thanks to Muhammed, I feel better about doing my work. Some people like a different sort of work that is just as time consuming but rewarding in a way that I will never understand. I’m just glad that there’s a place for all of us.