Awesomeness: A Redefinition

After noticing that I liberally use this word all the time and I LITERALLY have a prescription from my therapist to tell myself how awesome I am as many times as I need to, daily (no joke like on her formal letterhead)

I decided that it was time to define Awesome means to me (and of course, you!)

“I have no need driven behavior today! Only augmented Awesomeness!

(Quote adopted from A Course in Miracles)

Awesome is the redefinition of nineties slang taking with it it’s positive connotations of power and cool, while combining it with its roots which mean “To evoke awe” When I refer to Awesomeness I am referring to the quality of embodied psycho-spiritual power that we all have access to.

This is not to be confused with vein self promotion or accolades based in a competition mentality (or lack mentality where prestige is a scarce commodity to be hoarded stolen or fought for)

To get to the roots of our awesomeness we must return to, as with many things, childhood.

Awesomeness is what we were born with. When I came out of my mother-and perhaps before (I’ll leave the debate as to when awesomeness enters the body to someone else. I’m not trying to get shot here) I KNEW that I was awesome! So did you!

Think about it! You came into this lige and didn’t even have a fully functioning brain. You minus verbal and motor skills.

But through time and dedication you learned to move. You payed attention and learned to talk. You babbled and fell at first but you were determined and nothing stopped you!

To make a long story short you couldn’t do things, figured they were possible then learned how. Amazing.

And when things WEREN’T awesome you cried, threw things and did what you had to do to get your needs met BEFORE YOU HAD WORDS!

Now we’re adults. Our needs are complex. Our goals abstract. And the news makes earth seem terrifying.

But there is still the little kid inside of you that KNOWS that even though everything seems to be built too tall, or may be behind a physical barrier or language barrier, you have the power to figure out how to get from wherever you are to where you want to go.

What’s even better is that we can dream up anything we want now! With our years of experiences we know what we want. We know that we can do more than just talk or walk. A few people have even figured out how to do things that were once considered impossible! (Wrights brothers, I’m looking at you!)

So my challenge with this blog is to get you to dare to dream your wildest dream or even slightly out of reach plan and get you to not only GO for it but to have a great time while doing so and to achieve it!

And whenever we achieve the once-out of reach goal, or even dream to, we are Being AWESOME!

And the result of this is…wait for it…Winning with a capital Win.

That’s what this is all about. How to Win while being Awesome.

The best part is a little known secret: being awesome inspires other people to be awesome. And the more you practice the better you get (being Awesome is a LEARNED SKILL). And the more you do it the happier you get, the more you have to give, the more people around you get happier and inspired!

I guarantee you that after following a little advice your life will improve in ways you don’t think are even possible now.

The improvement will be directly in proportion to how much work you put in, but its work with rewards that cannot be taken from you.

So it’s my goal to remind people that they have that inside of them, show then how to get there and see what happens!

Much love,

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