My Sacred Art Section

I’m adding a new Artwork Section!

What is Sacred Art?

For me, Sacred Art is transforming what is most important to me into visual images. Much like this blog transforms what is most important to me into words. But it must be an evolving definition.

For more information check out these great people.

Alex Grey has an amazing visual expression of The Human Being from the skeletal system, to the muscle system all the way to what he calls the “cosmic mind lattice” just looking at his work is a trip in itself. Check out the Sacred Mirrors project Here and his main website is

He also has a great essay “What is Visionary Art” Which is a great account of /history of the field.

Michael Garfield is a beautiful soul and another free spirit/artist/musician/writer. I met him in Boulder Colorado and he’s just an all around great guy. You gotta check out his stuff to. The only thing that outshines his work is his personality.

And then there’s me! I have to go so I’ll put up the section next week!

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