The World Needs All Kinds (Masochists too)

I was Just speaking to a med student Muhammed. He’s finishing his semester in med school today.
We laughed about both being named after prophets. But it occurred to me that we probably have something else in common too.

We both probably have been working since we woke up this morning. And the morning before.
I thanked him for doing his work because i am just not cut out to be a doctor! I told him that it’s nice knowing that someone else out there is doing it because we need good doctors (desperately.)

He said with a laugh, “some of us are masochists”

And it made sense. He’s doing what he’s here to do. So am I. I’m not a masochist so I can only do work I love, and that makes me feel great every minute! Yesterday i worked from for am till 10pm and was passionate about every second of it. Hey! I had a book to publish and edit and another one on the way as well as blogging and enjoying myself!

What do you call workaholism when you’re doing the work you love?

I think it’s called enjoying your passions in life!

But thanks to Muhammed, I feel better about doing my work. Some people like a different sort of work that is just as time consuming but rewarding in a way that I will never understand. I’m just glad that there’s a place for all of us.

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