The Importance of Mirror Affirmations and Telling Yourself You’re Awesome!

One day when I was younger, I was walking down the street and overheard this guys say “If you keep telling yourself how great you are you’re bound to believe it eventually.”

Something clicked and IT WAS ON!

The truth in these words made sooo much sense to me. Since then I must have read dozens of books on the subject.

An affirmation is simply a statement of your choosing that you want to believe. And you keep saying it to yourself until you believe it. It can be written down, said to yourself silently, outloud, thought or, in my experience the hardest and quickest way is saying it to myself in a mirror.

It may sound silly, and it is BUT IT WORKS! We’re all born into a world/family where we absorb beliefs by default. But a lot of these are just plain useless! Especially if you’re goal is to live an Awesome Life!

So what I did (with this incredibly simple but powerful practice) Is write down on paper all the beliefs that I didn’t like and began reciting affirmations that I DID like. And sure enough, I began to believe them and it worked!

Don’t know where to begin? I’ve created a set of worksheets that you can use to get started, and will put them up here for you to download and use for your own “self directed mind re-programming”. It’s a lot better than someone else telling you what to believe!

Affirmations are also useful in that they let you get out of negative cycles. Our beliefs determine what we experience in a number of ways. And many nasty cycles in life, relationships or work, can be remedied by a good round of (daily) affirmations. It’s hard work, but it’s also simple and powerful.

Once again, I’ll dig up these sheets and put them here. Just follow this post or subscribe to the blog and you’ll be notified once their up here. I also will have a full affirmations 101 instructions sheet.

Have fun!

7 thoughts on “The Importance of Mirror Affirmations and Telling Yourself You’re Awesome!

  1. We can believe in other people and neglect ourselves. This is not conducive to the Divine plan. I don’t have to comprehend every detail, being aware is critical. Thank You.


    1. Hey! You’re welcome and thanks for sharing, Scott! I agree!
      Im sure that awareness of our Awesomness is most certainly in line with the Divine Plan. But details are sooo unimportant. They distract me from Living 🙂


  2. All too often we take credit for things we have not done. I personally Thank my Creator for all the wonderful people and experiences we may have for the asking. Always knowing it is never I, but the us through who I call GOD.


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