To Whine or To Win Part II

I felt it necessary to write a follow up post clarifying the point of Deciding to be Awesome: it inspires others to do so. When we surround ourselves with other Awesome, Empowered, Inspiring people, we can then spread that to the world. Winning not a journey for the self, yet it is a journey about the self.

When we are at our lowest points, we often need friends and family to help us get into a position to be able to offer our highest potential to the world around us. Especially in these times we are doing no favors to anyone by being around draining or discouraging people.

Also, it is no good for us or the world around us to carry its burdens on our shoulders. Life is a group project and the only person that we have true control over is ourselves. This is why it’s so important that we take care of that person, love that person and then spread like an infectious light to those around us.

Everybody Wins. True winning is a Win Win proposition. The better you feel, the more you take care of yourself, the better the world around you gets. It’s a true honor to be in a place to be able to be there for a friend who is having a rough time, because you’re moving in the direction you love in life and are standing on solid ground.

So let there be no confusion, Winning is something that we have to do for ourselves, but I’ve found that the logical next step to having access to my power is to shine and then effortlessly i attract other shiny people and we create a synergistic energy that explodes out of control.


Ammanuel Ravi Santa Anna

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