Spiritual Service and Market Research: A Win Win Situation

A week and a half ago I had disabled my Facebook account, didn’t use Twitter and had a fairly neglected LinkedIn profile. I didn’t like social media at all. I didn’t trust server stacks storing every word that I typed on the internet or knowing where I was, who I knew and what I did. Whether or not this distrust is warranted is irrelevant. I knew that I had to embrace social media in order to spread Awesomeness, so I did!

I decided that I was going to enjoy and love using social. So with a few rounds of affirmations I reprogrammed my outlook on that part of my life. Now I look forward to blogging every day.

I’m doing the same with market research for the book that I’m currently working on. I’m embracing market research as part of my spiritual/entrepreneurial practice. It may sound silly to some, but I have a lot of resistance towards intentionally finding out what people need and giving it to them. However, spending time writing about whatever I feel like without an analysis of what people are buying is a fundamentally a self serving hobby, rather than people-serving business. Seeing that I’m getting into the business of service it only makes sense to do so.


The great news is that it’s simple win win situation that can be broken down into a few (challenging steps)

1. Find out what people would love to read, (under the broad umbrella of what I’d love to write about)

2.Write about that

3.Have people love what I write

4.Have fun, Profit & be of service


Which is significantly better but only slightly different than the following:


1. Write what I feel like writing without caring about whether people like it or not

2. Have people care about my writing just as much as I cared about them

3. Have a fun but useless hobby

So it’s clear to me which road I’m going to take. I just had never thought of how beautiful it is that the fundamentals of creating a good business are also directly aligned with my goals and values.

Thanks for reading, I’m going to go re-program my mind to enjoy reading google analytics.


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