Library of Awesomeness: You Can Heal Your Life

If Napolean Hill was (in my book) the Father of The Law of Attraction (although, it’s just kind of the way the universe works but whatever) then Louise Hay would be the Mother of Self-Help.

In her classic, “You Can Heal Your Life” Louise Hay explains exactly, step by step how to take control over your life, heal your body, relationships, enhance your income, and get int tune with your Inner Awesomeness (not her exact words). Not only that but she describes her journey from childhood abuse, to changing the world as we know it and using her own techniques to Cure Her Own Cancer!

So yeah, she’s a total badass, a powerhouse of self love and I, with pride cary around her books often adorned with flowers and hearts and just look for opportunities to give them away for free to anyone who seems remotely interested.

Rooted in the practice of gratitude and mirror affirmations (don’t worry I’ll write a pots if not a book on this) she explains how to take control of the messages your mind tells you and how to flip them around into whatever you want them to be.

So instead of beating yourself up you’re positioning yourself for success. Check it out!





It’s All Possible Once We’re Open to It!

I was just reading this article here about applying the four agreements in project management. If you don’t know what the four agreements are, they’re best described here and are based on a great book of the same name by Jon Miguel Aruz. While it’s a great book, and I highly suggest it to anyone looking to live an Awesome way of life, explaining it would take a post of its own. Which I will do, all in due time

What is important is the fact that spiritual principles (which are basically good ways to live life in my opinion) are often applied in isolated parts of our lives. However, work, play relationships and everything else are ALL part of our existence and can and should be applied to every part of our existence (you know, to the degree possible)

What’s amazing is that it really works. I decided that I wanted to learn how to conduct business in a harmonious, peaceful fashion, in a way that’s based on relationships and win/win situations. Coming from a background in which I thought that was impossible, (and me knowing that nothing is ACTUALLY impossible) I decided that I needed to change that.

The wonderful result is that I’m learning from so many different sources in my life how to do that. A testament to the reality that when we open ourselves to possibilities, they form (and we form them) in our lives.

Funny thing is that the article that inspired this, I got from my current boss, who’s all about this stuff.

My process to open myself to new possibilities is to first decide that they are possible, and then when I see opportunities to realize them, I simply accept them into my life. Because they can and will appear.

By the way, if you’re interested in The Four Agreements, you can pick it up on Amazon, here

Library of Awesomeness: Think and Grow Rich

The Library Of Awesomeness is a series of books that have inspired me. All have something to offer and all will have something that you just need to ignore. Such is the practice of Winning! Some of them are free and some of them aren’t but all are great reads. I’m starting with the source of it al for me, Think and Grow Rich.

Think and Grow Rich is a definitive guide to aligning yourself with your inner Awesomeness and your Inner Dvinity! Take note that this book is about money, love, service and spirituality. It is also FREE! Links can be found below.

The world is a great abundant place!

This is the book from which I learned in all reality that I could create anything from just an idea. I practiced its principles and decided to create an all natural shaving cream that eliminated razor bumps with absolutely no background in science or business whatsoever.

After a few weeks and hours in my room (as well as more than a few trips to whole foods) I had a shaving cream that was so good my first “test subject” is still wanting more!

Ultimately I chose a different path than the shaving cream business, but I learned to love business, deepened my knowledge of skincare, learned that I could do anything, and also that electric razors are the ultimate solution for my sort of hair 😛 I still apply these practices in my life and those who aren’t in on the “secret” marvel at how “lucky” I am.

This book is all about aligning yourself with Awesomeness and working your butt off.

Keep in mind that in the original copy, (written in 19-foreverago) Hill used the word “vibration” which was edited out and replaced with numerous other words because publishing companies didin’t think that vibes would sell. However Vibrations are actualy how all of this works so I highly suggest you read it.

This is a timeless classic, inspiring the likes of Jerry Hicks of Abraham hicks

Some serious teachers on the Law of Attraction (also known as effortless Awesomeness.

This book is necessarily hard and demands discipline and hard work in the exchange for a life of your dreams.

At first I was taken aback by some of the words used. As a black man, hearing the word “negress” i believe at the beginning was a bit off putting. But then I realized that he was actually articulating the power of human will in the example he talks about a 5 year old black girl using her willpower to refuse the answer no from an older white man when demanding money. It actually wasn’t racist but an example of the power of the soul over social power structures, which I am all about!

The book continues to give a no BS step by step guide on exactly how to achieve what you want to achieve.

Did I mention this book is FREE?

It also contains a great Q&A about self reflection and demands that you overcome all of your personal faults, which had inspired me to quit smoking, stop stealing (yeah, even music) take stock of how I treat other people and to “develop a love of all humanity”.

The book is very clear that you will not succeed unless you help others succeed. It taps into all of our desires and explains how and why we have to not negate our desires, but use our natural drive to succeed and transform it into service, love, respect, self improvement and lastly Riches. Enjoy!

Note that in the sites below that have affiliate programs (get paid to link to books) I am certainly not a member. I’m putting these all here so that you can take your pick.

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(Free and up)


(Free-as in beer)

The Amazon Unedited version

Amazon Audio Book

Finally another one of his books, the laws of success which I am yet to read can be found here

My Sacred Art Section

I’m adding a new Artwork Section!

What is Sacred Art?

For me, Sacred Art is transforming what is most important to me into visual images. Much like this blog transforms what is most important to me into words. But it must be an evolving definition.

For more information check out these great people.

Alex Grey has an amazing visual expression of The Human Being from the skeletal system, to the muscle system all the way to what he calls the “cosmic mind lattice” just looking at his work is a trip in itself. Check out the Sacred Mirrors project Here and his main website is

He also has a great essay “What is Visionary Art” Which is a great account of /history of the field.

Michael Garfield is a beautiful soul and another free spirit/artist/musician/writer. I met him in Boulder Colorado and he’s just an all around great guy. You gotta check out his stuff to. The only thing that outshines his work is his personality.

And then there’s me! I have to go so I’ll put up the section next week!

The importance of Platonic Love and the Fallacy of the “Friend Zone”

A good friend reminded me that while we’re often caught up looking for our soulmate, we get blinded to the many soul-mates who are already in our lives.

Our soul-mates are our best friends with whom we could spend days talking to about pretty much everything. Our soul-mates are there when we need a shoulder to cry on or just as important need someone to talk to or just listen.

I met one of mine recently. Her name is Heather (who happens to have an equally great, yet much longer running website of awesomeness) and it was more of a meeting of two souls who haven’t seen each other for a long time, rather than two strangers bumping into each other at a cafe.

Immediately we hit it off and had tons to talk about and share. We started to talk about books and she mentioned her interest in the book “A Course in Miracles.” Which, by the way is an excellent book and can be had for all of four or so dollars on or any other bookstore. We decided on the spot to start reading it together and met today, for the second time in our lives, to go over the first chapter.

To make a long story short we barely got six pages into it because we basically had twenty something years to catch up on with each other, like old friends seeing each other after years, except we had only met a week ago.

In the past, meeting people with whom I shared so much in common, (spiritual, Awesome, brilliant,and attractive 🙂 I would have been so driven by the need to meet “My soul mate” that I would have confused the situation, tried to date her and messed up a divinely appointed soul meeting.

However this didn’t happen. And it got me thinking. There are probably a lot of people suffering right now form the blinders that our society puts on male/female relationships.

While we are born into these blinders we all have the power to take them off! I’ve heard countless men complain about women who “only want to be their friends” and feel genuinely “stuck” in a friendship role with their female friends whom they are attracted to.

What I had to do was (through painful learning) appreciate the genuine joy, potential and possibilities within all of my relationships when I took a perspective of gratitude for the wonderful people in my life. Instead of thining of what I wanted from the other person, I looked for commonalities and what connections were organically forming.

It’s in these relationships that I find solace, communion and most of all, love without expectations.

Platonic Love is a love that transcends the physical. It’s something that is beautiful, enriching and mutually uplifting.

The wonderful thing is that if you have penned yourself into a cave of friend zone, and are miserable looking for your lover that is not there, just take off your blinders of “i don’t have” and you’ll probably see that all around you are wonderful relationships that can be life changing. And it’s a lot easier being someone’s friend than dating them too! So you can have tons of close enriching friendships with barely any stress! I surely do. And it is Awesome and it creates Winning.

Awesomeness: A Redefinition

After noticing that I liberally use this word all the time and I LITERALLY have a prescription from my therapist to tell myself how awesome I am as many times as I need to, daily (no joke like on her formal letterhead)

I decided that it was time to define Awesome means to me (and of course, you!)

“I have no need driven behavior today! Only augmented Awesomeness!

(Quote adopted from A Course in Miracles)

Awesome is the redefinition of nineties slang taking with it it’s positive connotations of power and cool, while combining it with its roots which mean “To evoke awe” When I refer to Awesomeness I am referring to the quality of embodied psycho-spiritual power that we all have access to.

This is not to be confused with vein self promotion or accolades based in a competition mentality (or lack mentality where prestige is a scarce commodity to be hoarded stolen or fought for)

To get to the roots of our awesomeness we must return to, as with many things, childhood.

Awesomeness is what we were born with. When I came out of my mother-and perhaps before (I’ll leave the debate as to when awesomeness enters the body to someone else. I’m not trying to get shot here) I KNEW that I was awesome! So did you!

Think about it! You came into this lige and didn’t even have a fully functioning brain. You minus verbal and motor skills.

But through time and dedication you learned to move. You payed attention and learned to talk. You babbled and fell at first but you were determined and nothing stopped you!

To make a long story short you couldn’t do things, figured they were possible then learned how. Amazing.

And when things WEREN’T awesome you cried, threw things and did what you had to do to get your needs met BEFORE YOU HAD WORDS!

Now we’re adults. Our needs are complex. Our goals abstract. And the news makes earth seem terrifying.

But there is still the little kid inside of you that KNOWS that even though everything seems to be built too tall, or may be behind a physical barrier or language barrier, you have the power to figure out how to get from wherever you are to where you want to go.

What’s even better is that we can dream up anything we want now! With our years of experiences we know what we want. We know that we can do more than just talk or walk. A few people have even figured out how to do things that were once considered impossible! (Wrights brothers, I’m looking at you!)

So my challenge with this blog is to get you to dare to dream your wildest dream or even slightly out of reach plan and get you to not only GO for it but to have a great time while doing so and to achieve it!

And whenever we achieve the once-out of reach goal, or even dream to, we are Being AWESOME!

And the result of this is…wait for it…Winning with a capital Win.

That’s what this is all about. How to Win while being Awesome.

The best part is a little known secret: being awesome inspires other people to be awesome. And the more you practice the better you get (being Awesome is a LEARNED SKILL). And the more you do it the happier you get, the more you have to give, the more people around you get happier and inspired!

I guarantee you that after following a little advice your life will improve in ways you don’t think are even possible now.

The improvement will be directly in proportion to how much work you put in, but its work with rewards that cannot be taken from you.

So it’s my goal to remind people that they have that inside of them, show then how to get there and see what happens!

Much love,