“Are You Spiritual?” The Three Questions Cool Kids Don’t Have To Ask On The Temporal Playground


Often times people ask me if I’m religious. Without hesitation I answer “no”. Which is completely true. I’m not part of an organized religion. But I’ve always been a DIY sort of guy, so why should my relationship to the cosmos be any different?

However, more often, and in different circles i’m often asked if I consider myself “spiritual”.

This is an odd question. I used to be confused by this, but after a bit of processing I’ve come to understand that people are essentially asking me one of three things. These things, when translated into Ammanuel, read as follows:

1. “Are you aware that you’re an incredibly amazing, eternal being interacting with other incredibly amazing eternal beings in a temporal playground?”

2. “Do you choose to play well with others while on this temporal playground?”

3. “you’re not one of those crazy woo-woo crystal people are you?”

to which my true answer is: certainly, certainly and certainly.

However, number one is often combined with an implicit “If not, then can I help you? Or “If so, then can I show off how ‘spiritual’ I am?” [insert pithy analogy of spiritual materialism and playground dynamics here]

Number 2 is usually asked by someone who has a very rigid set of rules as to what “play well with others” means and intends on trying to impose those often very un-playful rules upon me.

To Number 3, I usually answer “no” and run away as quickly as possible.

The coolest people are those  who don’t have to ask me any of the above 3. We just meet each other with knowing eyes, and hang out on the temporal playground. We read crazy books about crystals and how to ultimately, have some serious fun. We grow in our Awesomeness and hone our skills on how to play with others. We work, we play, we cry.

A better question would be Ammanuel “are you, you?” To which I would answer with certainty: “Yes, and with growing fidelity each day.”

Which of course, would be a silly question to ask in the first place.

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