The Tao of Alcoholism: How To Be Awesomely Proactive & Propassive

Pre-gaming is a great concept that often gets a bad wrap, because of its roots in binge drinking culture.

Once upon a time I was the master of this form of pre-gaming, drinking before going to the bar or party, to better “prepare” oneself for upcoming fun. I matched this proactive approach to my alcoholism along with the positive expectation that everything will work out and my night would be great.

This practice accomplished two things: Taking action ahead of time to ensure desired results (Proactive Awesomeness) as well as expecting things to fall into place (Propassive awesomeness).

It was around this time of my life when I first encountered Taoism, which is all about taking action when necessary and just chilling when there is nothing to be done. This creates a serene relaxed life that is also productive.

It’s occurred to me that these are pretty much the same thing.

I no longer drink but I apply these principles (as well as possible) to all aspects of my life. I tell myself “I’ve already won and everything falls into place.” It works so well it seems like magic but here’s how it actually works:

When I walk into a situation well prepared and expecting the best I am open to every opportunity for things to work my way and I accept them with grace. By expecting things to fall into place I allow myself to NOT interfere with things that area already working in my favor.

The opposite of self sabotage, I’ve now created a positive self fulfilling prophesy!

This is also an age old Taoist teaching. Knowing when to act and when not to interfere. This creates an effortless “non action”, meaning that my actions are in harmony with the moment and thus with the universe.

And then there is passivity, which is knowing when not to do a thing. This allows me to not worry and be fully prepared and relaxed for when things have to get done.

All of this allows me to be in tune with spirit and get what I want at the same time! (Having my cake and eating it too is Awesome!)

Try it out! Tell me how it works for you!


7 thoughts on “The Tao of Alcoholism: How To Be Awesomely Proactive & Propassive

  1. It certainly is! Two questions for you, Cacaphony of Joy: How do you practice this and how did you come up with that awesome name?


    1. My way of knowing when to act or just flow with things is an ever evolving thing. Lately, I stop and do a self check.
      I take a deep breath or two (thank you Yoga training)

      I check my hands to see if they are warm or tingling, I try to notice any tightness, pain, tension or other physical sensations and where they are located to determine if there may be a chakra blockage (thank you Reiki training),

      I check my mind to see what thoughts are flowing through it, are they positive or negative? are they love based or fear based? (thank you philosophy studies)

      I also take a look around for physical signs, e.g. a particular kind of bird flying around, a color that jumps out at me, or symbols that have personal meaning, like 11:11 on the clock (thank you Tarot studies)

      As for the Joyful Cacophony. I have a fascination with sound vs. noise. I like dualities. A Joyful Cacophony is like a baby banging on pots and pans with a wooden spoon. The joy and laughter coming from the child as he experiments with sound and explores his physical world is beautiful. I wanted our blog to convey that type of messy beauty.

      Thanks for commenting back. I truly enjoy your insights! I hope we can share more as we get to know one another!


      1. Wow! Thank you for the thoughtful and beautiful explanation. Yoga and reiki training have helped me a lot as well. I’ve just started doing the love vs fear check in. But I hadn’t thought about the wonderful world of external, personally meaningful signs for a while! Reminder appreciated! I also really enjoy your comments and look forward to getting to know you too! Great blog, by the way!


      2. I’d love to make time to give you a Tarot reading if you are interested. It’s a great way to explore external and internal symbolism. My reading style is heavily influenced by the work of Carl Jung. Let me know if you’d like to be one of my practice clients as I work towards “going pro” as a tarot consultant!


      3. That would be great! I’ll even write a short testimonial if you’d like. When would you like to do this?


      4. Send me an email! Ammanueldesta at! Let’s set something up! I’d love to offer a testimonial in exchange 🙂 “When you say it about yourself it’s bragging, when someone else says it, it’s proof!” – little red boom of sales


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