A Friendly Universe is An Awesome Place to Be.

If my life were a joke, the punch line would be that I’m perfect the way I am, and the whole universe is brimming with love for me. I’m pretty sure that’s the gist of it for a lot of us.

I used to think that my optimism and love of life was one of those childish things that would get beaten out of me as time went on and I would wind up like so many people who are dissatisfied by their lives/jobs/family/spouses.

But it’s just the opposite. By paying attention to life, refusing to do what I hate and choosing to learn my life’s lessons quickly (often earned through tremendous pain) I find my love of life growing deeper as I age. It wasn’t easy! But much much easier in the long run than trying to be someone else or following the wrong path.

Now I get to be in on the joke. I’m perfect and the whole universe loves me. Reminding myself of this truth is much like clicking together my ruby slippers and coming back home.

I had to come out of my shell of almost 3 decades of questioning this, worrying about problems that weren’t there, or even better, ones that solved themselves when I stopped trying to fix them.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t been through tremendous amounts of shit. I’ve dug myself out from at least nine lifetime’s worth so far. And a few times barely alive. Clearly, I lived to share the tail and love doing so.

I remembered through most of it that once, I saw noticed something suspiciously awesome about life. And I wasn’t going to give up until I knew what that was.

It turns out that the whole universe is thrilled about me. And it goes both ways.

Pretty much everything else my mind is just making up, and can be discarded relatively easily.

As a pretty decent scientist once stated, The most important question you can ask yourself is whether you live in a friendly universe.

I’d have to answer “Certainly”. Maybe not all of its inhabitants, but overall this place is really awesome.

And it’s all free for the enjoyment. As are awesome people, places, passions, sights, and sounds. And ideas. And a bunch of other nouns.

The whole thing is that it’s always going to be like this. And it always has. The circumstances. Often are beyond our control but the awakened eye is not. It seems to happen to different people at different times. Usually preceded by great turmoil.

Waking up to all of this is awkward and painful. Living in a land of fear to awaken to a Universe that loves you and has been there the whole time is like living in a dark cave for years and then having sunlight pour into your eyes.

However the pupils adjust, the fear was all an illusion and life goes on but with a new shine. And it’s well worth it.

Have a wonderful day!

Just thought I’d share the enthusiasm about existing.


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