Genetic Manipulation, Nuclear Fission and The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is basically the belief that what you believe in (read: think a lot about) comes into your life.

The wonderful thing LOA (law of attraction) is that, by definition, it’s the sort of thing that will only work if you believe in it. Or at least have a sneaking suspicion that there’s more going on behind the scenes of life than the naked eye would suggest.

As soon as I found out about this magical law of the universe, I I began applying it with the fervor and foolishness of a recently sexually liberated teenager.

I went through that phase too but it shall never be posted about anywhere ever 🙂

The thing about LOA is that for me it works. And I got really really good at it. I studied and practiced it 24/7 for years.
Practice makes perfect.

I listened to Abraham hicks in my sleep, I watched the movie The Secret around 20 times and much more. After about 5 years I had manifested checks for thousands of dollars, went to my dream school with a free ride. Met and dated women who matched silly amounts of detail and ended up living in houses that met my exact expectations. Oh and there was that AWESOME bender in Vegas that I didn’t know how I was going to pull off but totally did. Still amazes me.

Seems great, right?

To paraphrase Malcolm from Jurassic Park (on the recreation of dinosaurs-also watched that movie 29 times) “Just because I could doesn’t mean that I should.”

All of the relationships ended in tears and heartache. I had to leave that school as I was a mess. My apartment by the mountains with a loft and a fireplace in my room, was a mess and I had to leave. It wasn’t all bad. I had great times, but It was so painful. I had to go on a manifestation hiatus.

Like any other powerful tool, (talking to you, nuclear fission) it had to being guided by wisdom, love, and reason or else it would be destructive.

But I understand the scientists who said “hey-for all we know, detonating an atomic bomb might destroy THE ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE but let’s give it a shot!” It was powerful and tempting. Luckily the analogy ends there.

I did develop the wisdom to guide me through this. I learned that I have to be very specific about what I want, what to create, what is wise sensible and is not based in some absurd fear. I had to know myself first. I had healing to do. And luckily I’ve learned how to use the coolest skill ever: how to re-align my beliefs with a desired outcome.

It’s more like goal setting with a little metaphysical flavor now. I am certain that I will succeed at my goals because they are chosen with care and I have many experiences backing up my ability to achieve them. I’m just capable of being more honest with myself about what they truly are.

I’ll post some manifestation 101 stuff on here. It’s really my favorite thing to talk about, teach about and learn about.

Thanks for reading,

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