Punk Rock, Chakras & Liberation

“You can have my body but not my obedience”


Sometimes I get lost in the shiny haze of New Age Bliss and I have to remember where my dedication to personal and social liberation comes from.

And then I listen to some great punk like The Clash, or Leftover Crack, and remember being an teen finding my voice and the power of a megaphone. This is where my roots lie.

Spiritual awakening for me was and is inextricably linked to a rise in social awareness and participation in national and global movements. We’re all tied together in physical social and spiritual dimensions. These are all words that are used to describe aspects of the underlying unity (or chaos or both) of life.

When I appreciate the intimacy of these worlds I feel most alive. My hatred of injustice and inequality, isn’t sustainable without an optimism rooted in my spirituality, which in turn is ungrounded when taken outside of the context culture that i’ve been raised in and so on.

So when I’m on top of the shiny Crown Chakra of Universal Love, Unity and bright White Lights but something is missing, I always have to bring it back down to my gritty Muladhara.

Where do I come from? I found life being dead broke and well fed with people who were fully alive and fighting for what they believe in. If i’m not involved in this, and am just reaping the fruits of my ancestors, slaves, who learned to read and write at the threat of death, then I’m not taking responsibility for myself. And I don’t feel alive. And something seems wrong.

So of course, while being awesome, I’ve already started taking action to rectify this. I needed to take a break to sort out my life and now I know what I’m going to do to fulfill this part of me. But the specifics aren’t important for this space.

Can you relate?