When insane medical structures fail: tune into your higher self!

I was recently accousted by my ego. Homeboy had me locked into a fiction that wasn’t my story and it was TERRIBLE!

So I did what any responsible lightworker would, and just took a nap in a park next to some trees. And I had a dream. I dreamt that i was that I was learning about the chakra system and would wake up and read a book about energy healing which is exactly what I did. I decided that i would tune out excess information and would tune into my higher self which has access to my higher vibrational frequency and more important a life in which I was writing the narrative rather than my ego!

Then a wonderful young woman, Gabriella came to me and explained that my energy was lighter than usual. Yay for energetic confirmation!

I then proceeded to write this wonderful blog post to share with the world that is wise enough to puruse my pros for meaning. and here it is.

When disturbed we have the power to choose a different state of being! This was my lesson today. And it’s powerful and it’s working!

Humility, A lesson In

Humility is one of my favorite words although perhaps not the easiest concept for my (or anyone) to understand. Its roots come from being “of the earth” and remind us of where we come from and who we are.


I have derived a much needed schoolin’ in humility over the past few days. The essence of the whole thing is that I have much more to learn from the world and lessons to remember than I have a need to deflect with accumulated knowledge.

Life is ripe with new people places and experiences, as we all know, however it is made much richer when approached with an open mind. And I needed this reminder.

i find a certain amount of peace in the fact that I have a lot to remember in this life. That I’ve learned so much and  that the human mind is just wired to forget the most important parts of it all. So i’m dedicated the next few weeks to seeing what I can remember-as brought up through chance encounters and situations that seem to be broadcasting the message “pay attention to me!”

We all have these in our lives. They’re the familiar patterns that happen again and again until we find out how to change them, move through them or navigate them. It’s all part of the fine art of using life as a classroom.


The beautiful thing about this classroom is that you can never fail, only fail to learn. But if you miss or skip a lesson it’ll just keep appearing over and over to me remembered/mastered. And the point of all of this? Is living a life that is a work of art. So i’m keeping my earballs open for new opportunities to grow.

Negativity purge pt. 2

To be completely honest, getting to the point of owning my negativity pain and fear was an excruciating process.

First I had to accept that it was even there. It had been covered up be sheer willpower mixed with denial, tons of caffeine and nicotine.

Then I dared to feel it, which was its own trip. That didn’t work out well or get me anywhere.

Finally my mind refused to accept that I had the power and the right to do away with it. Just because an emotion is justified doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.

So after years of struggling with this I decided to commit to this practice. I’m giving myself as long as it takes before I end this current purge. But it’s already working! And that’s enough for me.


Negativity Purge

So, I’ve decided to go on a cleanse. I’m not drinking one cup of lemon juice a day (but that’s great if that’s your thing) I’m letting go of a bunch of negative thoughts and feelings that just seem to stick to me no matter what I try to do with them. They were so pervasive it was as if I had completely forgotten about who I truly was or how I prefer to operate in this life.

My negative thoughts and beliefs came up in therapy (which is really useful for this sort of thing) but the mistake I made was trying to validate them as to where they came from or why I still held them. The next step after realizing deeply held beliefs or chronic feeling states is to GET RID OF THEM!

But how, Ammanuel do you accomplish something so dauntingly simple? Like everything else FIRST you decide to do so and THEN you figure out a way to enact your plan. So I decided to release these and i started a round of affirmations on paper and in the mirror that I was going to release them. 30 minutes later I already feel better and am doing all of those things that I had been putting off till “later”. It feels great! “I now choose to release all negative emotion and thoughts”. It’s that simple.

The simplicity of the affirmation affirms that I do indeed have the power to just let these things go. I don’t need to do much more than that. The human being is so powerful that all we have to do is make a decision and then maybe listen to our gut a little bit and we can accomplish those things that we so often call “easier said than done”.

Why did I decide to do this? Because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I wasn’t doing what I needed to be doing. I knew that something was getting in my way and that is decidedly UN-Awesome. I encourage anyone reading this to think of what’s getting in their way, and then decide that you’re going to let it out of your life. Oh, and the other aspect of the affirmation that’s so powerful is that I’m taking full responsibility for the emotions and thoughts. They’re not being broadcast into my mind by aliens or by any other equally absurd means-They’re MY thoughts. So I have to own them. But the great thing about owning these and not blaming anyone else is that the same mind that produces them is the same mind that has the power to let them go. It’s simple and contrary to the pervasive way of thinking about these things, that we have to figure out why they happen and where they come from. My mind is also capable of coming up with a lot of reasons for these too. But I’d rather just do what actually works.





Making the life of our dreams. A difficult labor of love.

I like to make my own schedule but I’m great at showing up on time. I’m an efficient worker in and outside of groups and I’m self taught and well educated in a wide range of areas. I also like working in classrooms.

I’m aware that most people just haven’t cultivated these skills. It’s hard but the rewards are awesome!

Self direction and discipline are perhaps the most rewarding and rare of learned skills. In a country full of people who revel in the concept of individualism, you’d figure that more of us would actually be skilled at running our own lives.

The reality is that it’s hard, it’s scary and we’re taught to follow the leader from pre-school until death.

But what if we slowly took back that power and became more autonomous, more self taught and self disciplined?

What if we slowly took back our schedules to accomplish our own personal goals and took back our minds and imaginations so that we could dream up and create our dreams.

These dreams are the lives that would truly fulfill and sustain us emotionally, mentally, spiritually, creatively and physically.

I’ve started doing this. And it is hard and uncertain. However it is the only path of life that I am willing to take. A path made for me and by me.

Chakra Doctor: Your metaphysical physician

Chakra Doctor is my upcoming application that is the resurrection of chakrapedia, my first iPhone app.

Chakra Doctor will be released on the new moon on New Year’s Day and will bring. Intuitive advice and healing to your fingertips by diagnosing life problems, suggesting healing tips and teaching them to you.

If you’re ready, get excited! Please tell me what you’d like to see!