Sharing creativity and the Life force

I share because I have to. It’s just as essential as breathing to me. I do find a joy in people telling me that my blog inspiring, however the real reason that I create and share is a profound sense of purpose and even more importantly, I have so much to share that if I don’t I fall apart. It took me a long time to learn this…I pray that I don’t forget this ever again.

We all have creative energy that needs to be shared with the world. We need to be brave enough to do it even if our hearts are trembling in fear. I say look fear straight in the eye and say “This is life speaking through me. I’m going to be free no matter what” And as long as you share with love it will transform your fear into something healing. 

We all need to do this. It changes our minds our bodies and the world around us as well. 


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