Making the life of our dreams. A difficult labor of love.

I like to make my own schedule but I’m great at showing up on time. I’m an efficient worker in and outside of groups and I’m self taught and well educated in a wide range of areas. I also like working in classrooms.

I’m aware that most people just haven’t cultivated these skills. It’s hard but the rewards are awesome!

Self direction and discipline are perhaps the most rewarding and rare of learned skills. In a country full of people who revel in the concept of individualism, you’d figure that more of us would actually be skilled at running our own lives.

The reality is that it’s hard, it’s scary and we’re taught to follow the leader from pre-school until death.

But what if we slowly took back that power and became more autonomous, more self taught and self disciplined?

What if we slowly took back our schedules to accomplish our own personal goals and took back our minds and imaginations so that we could dream up and create our dreams.

These dreams are the lives that would truly fulfill and sustain us emotionally, mentally, spiritually, creatively and physically.

I’ve started doing this. And it is hard and uncertain. However it is the only path of life that I am willing to take. A path made for me and by me.


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