Humility, A lesson In

Humility is one of my favorite words although perhaps not the easiest concept for my (or anyone) to understand. Its roots come from being “of the earth” and remind us of where we come from and who we are.


I have derived a much needed schoolin’ in humility over the past few days. The essence of the whole thing is that I have much more to learn from the world and lessons to remember than I have a need to deflect with accumulated knowledge.

Life is ripe with new people places and experiences, as we all know, however it is made much richer when approached with an open mind. And I needed this reminder.

i find a certain amount of peace in the fact that I have a lot to remember in this life. That I’ve learned so much and  that the human mind is just wired to forget the most important parts of it all. So i’m dedicated the next few weeks to seeing what I can remember-as brought up through chance encounters and situations that seem to be broadcasting the message “pay attention to me!”

We all have these in our lives. They’re the familiar patterns that happen again and again until we find out how to change them, move through them or navigate them. It’s all part of the fine art of using life as a classroom.


The beautiful thing about this classroom is that you can never fail, only fail to learn. But if you miss or skip a lesson it’ll just keep appearing over and over to me remembered/mastered. And the point of all of this? Is living a life that is a work of art. So i’m keeping my earballs open for new opportunities to grow.


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