When insane medical structures fail: tune into your higher self!

I was recently accousted by my ego. Homeboy had me locked into a fiction that wasn’t my story and it was TERRIBLE!

So I did what any responsible lightworker would, and just took a nap in a park next to some trees. And I had a dream. I dreamt that i was that I was learning about the chakra system and would wake up and read a book about energy healing which is exactly what I did. I decided that i would tune out excess information and would tune into my higher self which has access to my higher vibrational frequency and more important a life in which I was writing the narrative rather than my ego!

Then a wonderful young woman, Gabriella came to me and explained that my energy was lighter than usual. Yay for energetic confirmation!

I then proceeded to write this wonderful blog post to share with the world that is wise enough to puruse my pros for meaning. and here it is.

When disturbed we have the power to choose a different state of being! This was my lesson today. And it’s powerful and it’s working!


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