Binary Stars

When we see those beautiful points of light in the distance, four out of five times what we’re actually seeing are two or more stars-giant fusion reactors exploding with energy- dancing around each other while being powerful and brilliant.

Disclaimer: I am not an astrophysicist! I know about relationships, psychology and individualized spirituality…but I find the universe magnificent through the many lenses and scales that I have had the privilege to view it with.

Clumsy midnight prose aside, binary stars remind me of the many relationships I have had in this life. I am surrounded by brilliant creative and beautiful minds that touch me deeply and often move off in their own orbit. It seems that they have dissapeared but we come back to each other. We are actually in orbit. Sharing our sparks and creatitvity, our insight, our methods of seeing things and light into our being.

I rember one ironically dark night I was at an observaotry and I started talking to this blossoming astrophiscist about binary stars. The explosion of passion in the discussion made me think of the stars themselves. A person that I would see only occasionally but each time our meeting would renew me with a passion of the universe.

I have another friend, we have spent decades apart. When we come together life, spirit and passion explodes. 24 hour work sessions, beating back an age old shared problem, sharing love, solidarity and a knowing that if we don’t speak for another eight years we’ll be thinking of the other. We have been at each others throats al most literally but even violent threats won’t take us apart. We are there to share each others lives. When two souls can renew each other time and time again, the most vile arguments can be shrugged off.

Some people I see on the perhiphery. One of my closest friends and allies stayed on the sidelines for years. And through what seemed to be tragedy we became close as brothers. There are so many stars orbiting around us. They are not leaving, they are never truly gone, the people that we share life with are in our orbit.

I wonder if the end of our lives we fade out like our universe or if our essence and those exchanges that make us who we are condense into an infinitely dense, infintely small piece of matter that explodes into another adventure.

Who knows? Who cares, I am just grateful for all of the brilliant beings that light my life.

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