Skeptically Healing with Shamanism

I recently had an appointment with my masseuse/personal yoga teacher. Yeah, I’m a really lucky guy. It turns out that she’s also a shaman and in my most recent session she uh…shammaned me. blog shamaism

I have had this feeling of intense anger and uncontrollable emotions, ones that were not affected by years of therapy or medication. However, I have consistently been able to fix everything that was wrong in my life up until this point. The day before I met with my magical shamanistic yoga teacher I told my therapist “by tomorrow I’ll know exactly what is going on and how to fix it.: I had no idea how right I would be.

I asked my yoga shaman for massage and energy healing. However, asking a yoga teacher for a massage results in a serious of postures in which one gets massaged instead of the normal stationary position that we’re used to.

After the postures came the real massage. I laid down, muscles relaxed and fell asleep. When I awoke I felt significantly lighter, like a weight had been lifted. My therapist told me that I had some things removed from me in the spiritual realm. One was, and I quote:”the scariest thing [she] had ever encountered doing energy work. Apparently a conscious being was residing inside of my energy field and she did her best to get it out but would have to spend a couple more sessions getting it out. Skeptical? So was I… but here is a bit of background.

Years ago I began to go through a life crisis. I felt as if a being was possessing me and I couldn’t get it out. Everyone told me that I was going crazy, but of this I was sure. I eventually accepted that it was all in my mind but in my mind’s eye I had this distinct image of a dark snake like object inhabiting the entire left side of my body. Over the years this bothered me to no end…I could almost feel it moving around. Now, I have been cleared as a lucid sane human being but this feeling still remained. It was only after all of the other symptoms had disappeared (depression, mania, etc.) that I realized something was wrong. I thought that it was a medication issue so I changed that but nothing happened.

Luckily I had an appointment with this woman. She told me that she was removing a snake like conscious entity from me…which is just unpleasant and nerve wracking. I immediately put it in terms that I could understand that this was just a way of interpreting trauma, or pain but ultimately it didn’t matter.

The treatment worked! The next day I left my house feeling as if the whole universe loved me. My social anxiety calmed down and I understood that there is a life force in everything that is inherently loving, even this thing that may or may not be in my body. From the ground, from the sky…from the cars! I just felt this emanating out of everything. It made me extremely happy. Life was returning to the way it felt before I started having these “hallucinations”…

I remember the time that the world seemed to be bursting with love and I walked through this gracefully everything seemed to just fall into place, I loved others, they loved me, I was never afraid of dark snakes coming out of people which is what happened after that initial…thing (metaphorically?) attached itself to me.

I’m clearly still struggling through all of this but it took years for my mind to become clear enough to acknowledge what was happening and as soon as I did there was a healing persona already in place.

I am going to go through a few more sessions. Normally I would be skeptical and think that this is a person trying to siphon money from me but not only have I known her for years, and learned to trust her character and integrity but I have seen the results. A weight has already been lifted and I’m returning not only to health but to enjoying life and appreciating the spirit of life more than ever.

What about you? Have you had similar experiences either from a skeptical perspective or one of transformation? How have alternative healing or shamanism/energy work affected your life? Even if you don’t believe in any of it but are curious I encourage you to leave a comment.









8 thoughts on “Skeptically Healing with Shamanism

  1. Shamanism is a subject i am quickly getting interested in. But I haven’t experienced it or even have a proper understanding of it. I’m only a tarot reader and astrologer after all. But I am so curious. How did she remove that snake entity?


    1. I love tarot cards and astrology! I’m only a novice but they are so useful! How did you discover them?

      As for the snake entity, i’m not entirely sure how she is getting it out but will ask her today so that I can better answer your question.

      I haven’t studied shamanism but have learned a lot from friends who study under others. It is fascinating but sometimes a bit…intense for me.


      1. Well let me know when you do find out. I’m so curious. I do reiki as well which is a healing technique. Sometimes while I heal, I get impressions of the person’s chakras in my mind’s eye. But I doubt I could sense a snake entity. I guess there is no way of telling.
        Regarding tarots and astrology, I have always been in love with them but it was only after one particular tarot reading (my first experience) that I decided to dive into it rather than treating it like some passing curiosity. I’ve written all about it in my blog if you are curious….


      2. Hi, theorangelynx! What does your screen name mean? Anyway, I’ve had the time to speak to my shaman but have been sick for a few days, hence the delay in my response.

        It turns out that the entity is a bundle of negative thought forms that entered my energy system when a sort of void formed.

        She simply asked it what it was doing-these thoughts seemed to be trying to protect me. It wasn’t actual being, more like a combination of energy and thoughts.

        She asked it to leave and most of it did. Apparently during some traumatic event part of my soul left to go to a safer place to preserve itself-this is what left the void into which the thought entity came in.

        We are going to invite that part of me back in and sort of seal it there. So that’s the process so far! I hope that answers your question. I’d be glad to answer any more if you have them.

        Hope all is well!


      3. Well lynx is the card that came up in my first ever tarot reading and it sort of changed my life forever. And here in India Orange is a color that has spiritual significance. Hence the orange lynx! Anyway, I hope you are better now. I had no idea a soul could split itself like that. The concept is quite foreign to me. Does it resonate with you? Also the part about the snake entity, was there a traumatic experience before u noticed its presence? Shamanism tends to have pretty spooky elements to it. But I have this deck called the medicine cards (based on native american spirituality) that features animals on each card and yes the lynx is one of them. Their version of shamanism is working with spirit animals and that is wat I find appealing. Fun fact: snake represents transmutation, healing, sexuality and creativity. The card tend to come up when the querent needs to turn a bad thing around. When out of balance it means a resistance to change. I don’t know how it figures into ur experience but I thought you might find it interesting. Also, u work with reiki symbols too? Cho ku rei and the rest?


      4. My first forays into shamanism was all about finding Spirit animals. I found that to be fun and comforting. The rest of it kinda creeped me out but now I see it metaphorically, rather than there literally being a snake entity it represents something-what you had to say about the snake rings true.

        I do use reiki symbols occasionally but I’m out of practice these days. I kind of see the soul splitting as just meaning that I’ve lost touch with part of myself, which is okay. I can’t really imagine part of me disappearing entirely-that’s a bit much for me but whatever the words we use to describe it the practice seems to work and is interesting.

        What about you? Do you use reiki symbols? Does it take part in your tarot practice?


      5. Oh that is cool. So u know what ur spirit animals are? How? I see what you mean about the taking it metaphorically. Point noted. Yea I do use symbols. Sometimes I use reiki to help with a tarot reading. Like using the sei hi ki symbol to give my cards reiki before I do a reading about something that I can’t be neutral about. Or i’ll use tarots to guide my reiki and how i use it.


  2. I also practice reiki. I see the auras of others and sometimes gain insight into what other’s need to know and hear when I practice but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t see a snake entity either.

    Shamanism seems to be much more about seeing and working with other beings/entities both wanted and unwanted. Quite honestly that is a bit too much for me which is why I’ve never studied it. I’m much more comfortable with channeling healing or using cards/stars to understand things.

    I did have time to check out your site. It looks like you have a lot of experience. I look forward to reading more.


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