Science and Mysticism

There are two parts of my mind. One is devoted to searching for understanding through spirituality, the unexplainable and the mysteries of our existence. The other Loves finding truth that is revealed through science and systematic research of the observable world.

These two ways of viewing the world aren’t at odds with one another if I respect that they are two very different ways of examining our existence. The desire to connect the two and create some cohesive theory is tempting but it usually results in nonsense that doesn’t do either type of study justice.

To paraphrase one spiritual author “can’t we just leave quantum physics alone?” I’m happy with the law of attraction, just as I’m happy with the law of gravity. We don’t need to make connections where they do not exist but what is difficult is having many lenses through which to view the world and holding space for their contradictions to arise. These uncomfortable contradictions that arise in our awareness are just part of the process of searching for truth.

I recently began some shamanic healing and the next day I came down with a cold. It wasn’t surprising. Deep energy work often coincides with me getting a cold. I spoke to my friend who is helping me through this, she called to ask how I was feeling-because she knew that people often go through this. While I’m curious as to why this happens, I understand the idea of purging the soul and that manifesting in a purging of the body, but I don’t think that very much would come of me making a formal scientific inquiry into the correlation between energy work and getting a cold. It just wouldn’t get us that far.

Similarly I think that we have to resist the urge to use every new scientific discovery to legitimize our spiritual beliefs. Yes, there was a big bang, and are many dimensions, but do we really have to use this to prove that a higher being or spiritual planes exist? I don’t think so. I think that belief is enough and an age old endeavour to better understand our existence can take many forms but we don’t have to tie them all together. The whole point is that there are so many different ways to view our lives, to view our souls and to view the world we live in that we are cutting ourselves short to pretend that any one  of  these viewpoints can see everything, or that we need to create a unified theory that ties together all of the lenses that we like.

How do you feel about the many ways we view the world? What do you choose? Do you agree or disagree with what I have to say? I would love to hear more.

Finally I want to explain the lack of pictures in my blog posts. I don’t want to scare anyone off by having lengthy essays but I think that long form writing is essential and while I could plaster each posts with pictures I prefer the simplicity of unadulterated written word.

Lots of love!

  • Ammanuel


27 thoughts on “Science and Mysticism

  1. Well written! I think your right. The mysticism and science both enrich you in different ways I feel.
    I love the duality of it all. Take feng shui for example that has rules for how things are placed around the house in the belief that it will all sumhow be beneficial. But then if u look psychologically, it is a fact that ur surroundings affect your mind, which then affects the choices u make, which in turn affects ur life. 
    I remember after my reiki initiation, I had fallen sick and so had the other people who had done the initiation the same day. But it is not like all of us had the same problem. No, one had a cold, another had an upset stomach, I had a fever and yet another had bad migraines. It had to get worse before it became better. After that we all learnt to relate physical problems to those on the emotional or even spiritual level. I can’t help but notice a certain synchronicity with the tangible and intangible. Which is what i think science and mysticism is about;  the same thing on different levels/in different perspectives….


    1. Thanks a lot! Isn’t it funny how energy work results in sickness so frequently? It’s very real, I think that the physical responds to the spiritual and vice versa. When did you get your reiki training? Did I mention that I just came down with a cold after working with my shamanic healer?


      1. U did actually. I got my training 7 years back i think. Funny thing was the initiation just happened to be on my birthday!


      2. That’s so great that it was on your birthday! Mine was about ten years ago. It really was validating-I had always sensed energy but being around so many open minded people really helped me accept who I am. So what about you orange lynx? How did you find energy healing?


  2. I think the biggest thing I got out of it was feeling and knowing our interconnectedness. In many ways it felt like everything was finally making sense. So not really a validation, for me it was more of a revelation, Ammanuel. I never asked u about ur name, did i?! Ammanuel Santa Anna. Is there a story behind it?


    1. Hey, first I never answered your question about my power animals. The first one that I found was an Owl during reiki training. Apparently it lets one float above pain and turmoil when it is too much.

      As for my name, it’s a spelling of Manuel, my grandfather. The language is Amharic, spoken in Ethiopia, a place that holds a lot of significance for my mother. My middle name is Desta, which means happiness in Amharic, needless to say, I’m pretty happy about that one too 🙂

      What’s your name? What does it mean?


      1. Well my real name is Sejal. It means pure water in Gujrati (one of the lesser known languages in India). Lynx is one of my totem animals actually. I discovered that 3yrs after my first reading when i first saw the lynx card. My boyfriend also has an owl among his animal spirits. But I had no idea reiki could help with this. I feel like I have missed out on quite an experience.


      2. All reiki traditions seem to be different but it seems like you have a powerful and amazing connection with the Lynx! That’s funny that your boyfriend had an owl too. I feel like there really has been something keeping me above pain and turmoil as I work through it. I’ve been doing more reiki recently. It’s really powerful!


  3. Cool! Maybe you should write about your reiki experiences in your blog especially about finding spirit animals (if you are ok with sharing that). I know I would be very interested in hearing the details. My bf’s experiences with the Owl were different. First there were these owls that he could spot looking at him. Once or twice he would even find an owl during daytime. For like 5 months (tarot reading would be once or twice a month) whenever he picked a tarot card it would ALWAYS be the Owl. For him the owl meant more about seeing through deception than anything else.


    1. Wow! That’s powerful. I love talking. I am an open book. I promise my next post or one soon will be about just that. I’m always open to requests! My joinery into reiki is kind of funny buy you will see that soon!


  4. I put comments on the articles individually. It was all very interesting to read. Though I wish you had written more on HOW you found the Owl with Reiki…


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