How to be more confident

One day I realized that I needed to be more confident. It’s something you almost can’t have too much of. 

So what did I do? I stood in front of my mirror and decided to tell myself that I was confident until I believed it. It worked!

The next day I decided to walk up to every woman I was attracted to and ask them for their phone number. By the end of the day EVERY SINGLE woman I walked up to would give it to me. I went on some dates. They sucked but it worked! So I’m sure you can see where I’m gong with this. It’s not just about confidence. Everything I’ve wanted to change since happened by me standing in front of the mirror and DECIDING that I was going to change. It’s really the decision that worked it wasn’t necessarily the mirror but this is how it is done. 

What do you want to change about yourself? How do you go about doing it? I’d love to know. In any event, this is how it worked for me. A decision was made and the material presented itself, I used it and it worked. Please share your experience, comments or questions!


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