In Lieu of Delusions

I shed a bunch of delusions lately. Our lives are all laced with them. What mine let me do-shedding them that is-is realize my core spiritual beliefs. So as a blogger who doesn’t care about personal privacy or judgement I’m going to share what happened. 

I came to terms with what I thought to be bullshit (in short). While I really hope that things like spirit guides etc are true I came to terms with the fact that it doesn’t matter on a practical level. I still strive to be aligned with the highest good of all of us and to be the best person I can possibly be. 

Being a good person for me encompasses generosity, self love, love of others and a striving to connect to the divine. But after all of this time the only real almost concrete practice is the practice of the law of attraction. There are concrete things that I can do and this creates the life that I want…over time. 

I have seen crazy things appear in my life. The exact woman I’ve wanted to meet in my life, down to the way she walks, exact sums of money appearing in my bank account (once I stopped meditating on manifesting a couple thousand dollars and I found a check for that sum sitting on my kitchen table) things like that. 

It was this retaliation. That and prayer, which I’m for some reason I’m hesitant to do. It’s beautiful. I guess I take that for granted because I already have that strong connection. 

I don’t have a particualar religion but I’ve found that getting in touch with spiritual sources is very powerful but it’s something that influences my consciousness more than it affects my concrete life. 

Anyway, we all have forms of relating to the universe and I realize that I have mine other people have theirs and their all very valid and fascinating. All besides people who think it’s okay to assault abortion clinics…they’re a bit confused. 

 Sanskrit mantra works very well for me. I suggest trying it if you haven’t. There are audio and text online. Just be prepared these deities will really show up and affect your life. I guess I get a little freaked out by that which is why right now it’s all LOA for me. 
What do you use to get in touch with spirit? Do you have things that you prefer over others and why? I’d love it if you shared. This is a discussion I am fascinated by


5 thoughts on “In Lieu of Delusions

  1. I actually love delusions in the sense that they can be such great tools. Of course delusions that impede progress need to go. Spirit animals whether they are real or not are symbols. Psychologically symbols have great impact on us. I’ve personally found that the sight of hummingbirds or butterflies is an instant mood lift solely because of what they symbolize… joy and transformation. Keeping talismans (or if you prefer, pictures) of them within sight is a powerful thing simply because of the association my brain makes when I see it.


    1. I completely agree. I’ve found that many forms of positive…delusion for lack of s better term can transform my life. I tend to use more visualization and affirmation but it’s powerful. Just as delusion that impedes us can have a powerful negative effect.

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      1. I like painting them. If I want a certain spirit animal to guide me through something, I paint it and use it like a talisman. Sometimes when a situation requires me to be more aggressive ( I’m more of a passive, peace-loving person) I paint or sketch out an alterego. Most of the time, it is easier to buy a piece of jewelry that reminds me of a certain trait I need to project. Anything works.


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