Spirit Animals 

A while ago a friend asked me to write an article on spirit animals (great blog on tarot theorgangelynx). I had a lot going on at the time but late is better than never so here is my experience in Reiki finding one of my spirit animals. 
After about eight hours of learning sacred symbols and basically scaring myself by reading other people’s thoughts (this is a post for another time) as well as my teacher telling me that I needed to be more “grounded” (every spiritual teacher tells me this, quite frankly, they are well meaning but have no idea why I’m not “embodied enough) I was told to find my spirit animal. 
It turned out to be an Owl. I really like this owl. In spite of my teachers’ extolling the virtues of being “grounded” the Owl’s purpose was to help me float atop of the physical plane (the exact opposite of being “grounded”) when I was in too much pain to be present. 
The Owl is a metaphor for my intellect, which I use to traverse physical reality as it is excruciatingly painful for me due to several types of trauma. It also is usally in defiance of authority figures, even spiritual teachers. Not out of spite but out of genuine difference of opinion. 
I also like the owl because it is wise but also a raptor, a bird of prey. You don’t mess with this guy, after sitting in his tree well past dark, he’ll come out and eat your cat. It’s sort of the warrior monk of birds in that sense. 
He’s also a funny Winnie the Pooh character. So this was my spirit animal. It embodied, so to speak the part of me created for survival despite going through my own hell. 
Finding a spirit animal is a precious thing. While I don’t believe that there’s an actual spirit owl flying around me (there might be, and that would be awesome) I do have the ability to call upon this part of myself and now have a strong mental picture of what that looks like and it really helps. Visualizations are very powerful things. Almost as powerful as the very awesome owl. (They have like 270 degrees of head rotation-they will see you and your cat so beware!)   


2 thoughts on “ Spirit Animals 

  1. Hi. Thanks for the link. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it seems you’ve got 7 paragraphs on repeat..


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