Mental Illness & The Law of Attraction

I’m just as much of a New Age Hippie as anyone else….who reads blog posts with “Law of Attraction” in the title. I’ve been eating kale since I could chew and went to my first yoga class when I was in the womb. I’ve been to the workshops, reiki training yoga training, I’ve cleansed my crystals, prayed to shiva on my mala chattted with my inner child and…you get the picture. 

Cultural appropriation aside, I love my spirituality. One of the most powerful things that I got from it was the power of manifestation. It’s definitely real. There’s books on it and if you actually follow them they will probably work for you. most people don’t and fail but I can attest that this stuff is real.

I’ll be forever grateful to Abraham, Louise Hay and Co but seriously guys, on certain things we need to chill the fuck out!

I was diagnosed with depression when I was eight, Bipolar in my twenties along with alcoholism PTSD and another long list of horrifying things. I listened to Abraham Hicks night and day, knowing that something was wrong and I had to learn the skills necessary to achieve the impossible-people with the number of and specific types of the things I suffered from more often than not die at their own hands. This was a fact. Many a doctor corroborated this fact. I chose to win instead. 

To quote my incredible doctor today “Ammanuel, you continually beat the odds.” Yeah I read a book on how to warp time and space to work in my favor. Miraculous? Yes. Easy? Certainly not. Impossible? Certainly not. 

The thing is that I had to learn that it isn’t all magic. Yes I knew that I was going to overcome all of the obstacles but what  I had to learn is that it often took a long time, was confusing frustrating and brutal. They always skip that chapter in the LOA (law of attraction) books. 

Also, I had to escape the trap of actually believing that I was causing the diseases myself through “bad thoughts” the only way that I was causing myself harm was by turning down medical help for years because I figured that I would just miraculously heal myself. Turns out the real miracle was that I eventually listened to and applied the solutions that were sitting right in front off me the whole time. 

So when it comes to “manifesting” just chill out…the path may lead you to some incredible out of this world coincidences but it also might just work out that the things that you’re asking for are in front of you hiding in plain sight. 

Miracles are hard to miss. Mundane, conventional solutions really aren’t that exciting but are often the most effective easy and rewarding “responses” to our prayers.

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