Make the world work for YOU

Being the center of my own universe has been an incredible experience. I’ve become accustomed to simply bizarre things happening inside and outside of me.

After spending some time horribly disabled, broke, heartbroken and worst of all feeling separate from my own body and that inner spark of life…I realized that I was looking at things wrong.

I was focused so much on a world that doesn’t intuitively feel RIGHT to me…while I had access to a world that DID make sense to me. Whenever I followed the set of rules that worked for me THE REST OF MY LIFE WOULD GET BETTER.

An example of this is mental illness or more simply the fact that I cannot clean my room to any effective degree. But the thing is that my body simply can’t make sense of how to move sometimes. And while I have studied (if not mastered) how to organize things…I simply can’t do it. It’s like I’m learning about a world that makes sense…but it’s not my world!

The world of mental illness is similar. There are all these pills and these neurotransmitters…but while I have studied extensively all of these pills, that’s just not how my soul shines.

What I did is sit down and got in touch with my spirituality. There’s a framework that serves me. By plunging myself into paradigms that simply don’t FEEL right…I have been confused by a world that simply isn’t mine.

I still go to my doctor and clean my room when I can but in order for me to THRIVE I have to find that way that MY mind works and then someone comes into clean my room or I get enough energy to. I find a med that works.

But the important thing is that we find our own way of perceiving the world or more importantly we find that source inside that tells us WHO WE ARE…and we live from that.

You have a home and many people’s home work more or less in this crazy world of ours.

But those of us who relentlessly live from our heart won’t give up on finding our home and it’ll drive us up the wall always feeling like something is slightly OFF until we build trust with that part of us that is always trying to bring us home.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m really interested in you and your experiences! This is not a blog to just accumulate followers or clicks. I just want to share what I have with other people who are just trying to live from their heart and do what’s right.

Feel free to comment, request, share or personal message me! I love hearing from new people!

Thanks all!

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