The Innocent Heart: How to Bypass the Mind and Access Peace

Have you ever been plagued by the anxiety bugs? Wondering what people thought of you, fretting over your new job or how hard your new diet was going to be?

If so, I completely identify, these things can get out of control. If not, you are either very lucky or in for a surprise when you start a mindfulness practice.

These bugs can become more apparent the clearer we get in our practice and in doing so, sometimes, we begin to focus so much on the parts of us that are chattering and worrying that we forget the purpose: to reach that calm center that actually exists inside of each of us. 

What if you could just cut through it all and access the part of us that is playful, that  is calm, that has no notion of hard, of criticism, of criticizing others, of just being in self? It’s a lot easier than it seems I assure you.

The truth is that the meditating and journaling and sharing our thoughts and feelings with others is an essential part of self discovery but our bodies hold the truth that we’re looking for. Most importantly while we’re going through the process of discovery we can find respite in our bodies and the heart contains the panacea for anxiety. It’s something that I think people have called inner peace or unconditional love, I just call it a beautiful state of being.

Start by putting your arms behind you and taking a deep breath. Interlace your fingers with your palms facing in.

Taking a deep breath, see if you can explore what is going on in your chest. Are you tense, do you feel feelings of love, peace, anxiety, hope, something that you have no idea how to label? This is where the journey begins.

Lean forward with your hands interlaced, taking deep breaths in and out. Feel the blood moving through your arms to and from your chest. You may not feel things this clearly yet.

Follow the blood as you lean forward, legs hip width apart. Lower your head. You’re now practicing yoga mudra. We want to bend from the hips and keep our back as straight as possible. Once we do this, we can curve down.

The most important part of yoga, is feeling strong, safe and at ease. It’s important to adjust your poses in any way that serves you. What we’re doing right now is exploring our innermost feelings, opening the heart, literally opening up our chest. We’re physically opening and bowing to the heart so that we can explore the feelings here.

Over time we will find a peaceful lake. There may be volcanoes and landslides but all of this is part of the practice. Part off the journey. You can definitely do it.

This was written spontaneously and turned into a yoga practice, I’m definitely not offering medical advice, only what works for me. But I am growing in my practice and feel called to share. I would love any ideas or comments on the format and content here. Thank you!

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