Healing Modalities: Internal Family Systems

One of the many powerful healing modalities I have used in my process is that of Internal Family Systems or IFS. IFS takes the psyche and turns the different parts of it into individuals with relationships-a user-friendly way of looking at our inner depths, as we are already human and know how to have relationships with other people.

While the premise of looking at our inner lives in terms of a community of beings within us sounds overwhelming, well, it certainly can be, but what’s most important is that it can be a very effective, gentle, and smooth way of healing.

Rather than dismantling the self and putting it back together, here we tend to the relationships to the different parts of the self and help our unconscious work harmoniously. In my experinece, it works tremendously well.

IFS is based around the Self, the part of us that is always awake, present, and powerful. The parallels between this and other healing modalities quickly become apparent. IFS elegantly fuses Buddhist principles of compassionate detachment, the observer, and the Jungian concepts like the vast and varied unconscious.

This is a very deep process of befriending yourself, learning about the self, and has the power to heal everything from relationships to behaviors to psychological and psychosomatic physical disorders.

There are a lot of great places to start and tons of resources out there. This is a practice that is basically free as you can do it yourself, within a group or with a trained therapist. I highly recommend using the myriad online resources and published materials out there to start if this seems interesting to you.

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