EMDR is the most powerful fast and efficient form of trauma healing I have experienced. What EMDR does is help you assimilate memories too traumatic for your conscious mind to digest on their own.

EMDR was developed by a psychologist who was thinking about her life issues while looking left and right in the central park and found, essentially, that things seemed better than before her walk. She hypothesized that this was due to her looking back and forth and thus stimulating both parts of the brain; by activating left and right brain activity while processing her problems, she was accelerating the speed at which her brain could make sense of them.

Or something like that. Anyway, it makes for a great picture and a great story. The fundamentals are the same. In EMDR, a trained therapist will wave their fingers back and forth in front of your face or use some other method that will stimulate the left and right parts of your body while they ask you a bunch of things about something horrible that happened to you.

The result is that when you’re done, the impact of whatever it is you’re treating will lighten or go away entirely. This isn’t without consequence. I’ve never done EMDR without finding myself off, or anxious for a day or two afterward. Regardless, EMDR is often the silver bullet of trauma treatment and seriously should be used more as a first line defense against PTSD but, you know humans, we are really averse to temporary discomfort in the name of long-term stability. So…there you go! That’s EMDR; if you’ve experienced this, are thinking about it or are interested in the healing process, comment below. I’ll put up a video on youtube about this momentarily (not everyone learns from the written word!) and I hope that you’re having a great week!

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