Genetic Manipulation, Nuclear Fission and The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is basically the belief that what you believe in (read: think a lot about) comes into your life.

The wonderful thing LOA (law of attraction) is that, by definition, it’s the sort of thing that will only work if you believe in it. Or at least have a sneaking suspicion that there’s more going on behind the scenes of life than the naked eye would suggest.

As soon as I found out about this magical law of the universe, I I began applying it with the fervor and foolishness of a recently sexually liberated teenager.

I went through that phase too but it shall never be posted about anywhere ever 🙂

The thing about LOA is that for me it works. And I got really really good at it. I studied and practiced it 24/7 for years.
Practice makes perfect.

I listened to Abraham hicks in my sleep, I watched the movie The Secret around 20 times and much more. After about 5 years I had manifested checks for thousands of dollars, went to my dream school with a free ride. Met and dated women who matched silly amounts of detail and ended up living in houses that met my exact expectations. Oh and there was that AWESOME bender in Vegas that I didn’t know how I was going to pull off but totally did. Still amazes me.

Seems great, right?

To paraphrase Malcolm from Jurassic Park (on the recreation of dinosaurs-also watched that movie 29 times) “Just because I could doesn’t mean that I should.”

All of the relationships ended in tears and heartache. I had to leave that school as I was a mess. My apartment by the mountains with a loft and a fireplace in my room, was a mess and I had to leave. It wasn’t all bad. I had great times, but It was so painful. I had to go on a manifestation hiatus.

Like any other powerful tool, (talking to you, nuclear fission) it had to being guided by wisdom, love, and reason or else it would be destructive.

But I understand the scientists who said “hey-for all we know, detonating an atomic bomb might destroy THE ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE but let’s give it a shot!” It was powerful and tempting. Luckily the analogy ends there.

I did develop the wisdom to guide me through this. I learned that I have to be very specific about what I want, what to create, what is wise sensible and is not based in some absurd fear. I had to know myself first. I had healing to do. And luckily I’ve learned how to use the coolest skill ever: how to re-align my beliefs with a desired outcome.

It’s more like goal setting with a little metaphysical flavor now. I am certain that I will succeed at my goals because they are chosen with care and I have many experiences backing up my ability to achieve them. I’m just capable of being more honest with myself about what they truly are.

I’ll post some manifestation 101 stuff on here. It’s really my favorite thing to talk about, teach about and learn about.

Thanks for reading,

The Importance of Mirror Affirmations and Telling Yourself You’re Awesome!

One day when I was younger, I was walking down the street and overheard this guys say “If you keep telling yourself how great you are you’re bound to believe it eventually.”

Something clicked and IT WAS ON!

The truth in these words made sooo much sense to me. Since then I must have read dozens of books on the subject.

An affirmation is simply a statement of your choosing that you want to believe. And you keep saying it to yourself until you believe it. It can be written down, said to yourself silently, outloud, thought or, in my experience the hardest and quickest way is saying it to myself in a mirror.

It may sound silly, and it is BUT IT WORKS! We’re all born into a world/family where we absorb beliefs by default. But a lot of these are just plain useless! Especially if you’re goal is to live an Awesome Life!

So what I did (with this incredibly simple but powerful practice) Is write down on paper all the beliefs that I didn’t like and began reciting affirmations that I DID like. And sure enough, I began to believe them and it worked!

Don’t know where to begin? I’ve created a set of worksheets that you can use to get started, and will put them up here for you to download and use for your own “self directed mind re-programming”. It’s a lot better than someone else telling you what to believe!

Affirmations are also useful in that they let you get out of negative cycles. Our beliefs determine what we experience in a number of ways. And many nasty cycles in life, relationships or work, can be remedied by a good round of (daily) affirmations. It’s hard work, but it’s also simple and powerful.

Once again, I’ll dig up these sheets and put them here. Just follow this post or subscribe to the blog and you’ll be notified once their up here. I also will have a full affirmations 101 instructions sheet.

Have fun!

Library of Awesomeness: You Can Heal Your Life

If Napolean Hill was (in my book) the Father of The Law of Attraction (although, it’s just kind of the way the universe works but whatever) then Louise Hay would be the Mother of Self-Help.

In her classic, “You Can Heal Your Life” Louise Hay explains exactly, step by step how to take control over your life, heal your body, relationships, enhance your income, and get int tune with your Inner Awesomeness (not her exact words). Not only that but she describes her journey from childhood abuse, to changing the world as we know it and using her own techniques to Cure Her Own Cancer!

So yeah, she’s a total badass, a powerhouse of self love and I, with pride cary around her books often adorned with flowers and hearts and just look for opportunities to give them away for free to anyone who seems remotely interested.

Rooted in the practice of gratitude and mirror affirmations (don’t worry I’ll write a pots if not a book on this) she explains how to take control of the messages your mind tells you and how to flip them around into whatever you want them to be.

So instead of beating yourself up you’re positioning yourself for success. Check it out!





It’s All Possible Once We’re Open to It!

I was just reading this article here about applying the four agreements in project management. If you don’t know what the four agreements are, they’re best described here and are based on a great book of the same name by Jon Miguel Aruz. While it’s a great book, and I highly suggest it to anyone looking to live an Awesome way of life, explaining it would take a post of its own. Which I will do, all in due time

What is important is the fact that spiritual principles (which are basically good ways to live life in my opinion) are often applied in isolated parts of our lives. However, work, play relationships and everything else are ALL part of our existence and can and should be applied to every part of our existence (you know, to the degree possible)

What’s amazing is that it really works. I decided that I wanted to learn how to conduct business in a harmonious, peaceful fashion, in a way that’s based on relationships and win/win situations. Coming from a background in which I thought that was impossible, (and me knowing that nothing is ACTUALLY impossible) I decided that I needed to change that.

The wonderful result is that I’m learning from so many different sources in my life how to do that. A testament to the reality that when we open ourselves to possibilities, they form (and we form them) in our lives.

Funny thing is that the article that inspired this, I got from my current boss, who’s all about this stuff.

My process to open myself to new possibilities is to first decide that they are possible, and then when I see opportunities to realize them, I simply accept them into my life. Because they can and will appear.

By the way, if you’re interested in The Four Agreements, you can pick it up on Amazon, here