Chakra Doctor: Your metaphysical physician

Chakra Doctor is my upcoming application that is the resurrection of chakrapedia, my first iPhone app.

Chakra Doctor will be released on the new moon on New Year’s Day and will bring. Intuitive advice and healing to your fingertips by diagnosing life problems, suggesting healing tips and teaching them to you.

If you’re ready, get excited! Please tell me what you’d like to see!



Library of Awesomeness: You Can Heal Your Life

If Napolean Hill was (in my book) the Father of The Law of Attraction (although, it’s just kind of the way the universe works but whatever) then Louise Hay would be the Mother of Self-Help.

In her classic, “You Can Heal Your Life” Louise Hay explains exactly, step by step how to take control over your life, heal your body, relationships, enhance your income, and get int tune with your Inner Awesomeness (not her exact words). Not only that but she describes her journey from childhood abuse, to changing the world as we know it and using her own techniques to Cure Her Own Cancer!

So yeah, she’s a total badass, a powerhouse of self love and I, with pride cary around her books often adorned with flowers and hearts and just look for opportunities to give them away for free to anyone who seems remotely interested.

Rooted in the practice of gratitude and mirror affirmations (don’t worry I’ll write a pots if not a book on this) she explains how to take control of the messages your mind tells you and how to flip them around into whatever you want them to be.

So instead of beating yourself up you’re positioning yourself for success. Check it out!





Library of Awesomeness: Think and Grow Rich

The Library Of Awesomeness is a series of books that have inspired me. All have something to offer and all will have something that you just need to ignore. Such is the practice of Winning! Some of them are free and some of them aren’t but all are great reads. I’m starting with the source of it al for me, Think and Grow Rich.

Think and Grow Rich is a definitive guide to aligning yourself with your inner Awesomeness and your Inner Dvinity! Take note that this book is about money, love, service and spirituality. It is also FREE! Links can be found below.

The world is a great abundant place!

This is the book from which I learned in all reality that I could create anything from just an idea. I practiced its principles and decided to create an all natural shaving cream that eliminated razor bumps with absolutely no background in science or business whatsoever.

After a few weeks and hours in my room (as well as more than a few trips to whole foods) I had a shaving cream that was so good my first “test subject” is still wanting more!

Ultimately I chose a different path than the shaving cream business, but I learned to love business, deepened my knowledge of skincare, learned that I could do anything, and also that electric razors are the ultimate solution for my sort of hair 😛 I still apply these practices in my life and those who aren’t in on the “secret” marvel at how “lucky” I am.

This book is all about aligning yourself with Awesomeness and working your butt off.

Keep in mind that in the original copy, (written in 19-foreverago) Hill used the word “vibration” which was edited out and replaced with numerous other words because publishing companies didin’t think that vibes would sell. However Vibrations are actualy how all of this works so I highly suggest you read it.

This is a timeless classic, inspiring the likes of Jerry Hicks of Abraham hicks

Some serious teachers on the Law of Attraction (also known as effortless Awesomeness.

This book is necessarily hard and demands discipline and hard work in the exchange for a life of your dreams.

At first I was taken aback by some of the words used. As a black man, hearing the word “negress” i believe at the beginning was a bit off putting. But then I realized that he was actually articulating the power of human will in the example he talks about a 5 year old black girl using her willpower to refuse the answer no from an older white man when demanding money. It actually wasn’t racist but an example of the power of the soul over social power structures, which I am all about!

The book continues to give a no BS step by step guide on exactly how to achieve what you want to achieve.

Did I mention this book is FREE?

It also contains a great Q&A about self reflection and demands that you overcome all of your personal faults, which had inspired me to quit smoking, stop stealing (yeah, even music) take stock of how I treat other people and to “develop a love of all humanity”.

The book is very clear that you will not succeed unless you help others succeed. It taps into all of our desires and explains how and why we have to not negate our desires, but use our natural drive to succeed and transform it into service, love, respect, self improvement and lastly Riches. Enjoy!

Note that in the sites below that have affiliate programs (get paid to link to books) I am certainly not a member. I’m putting these all here so that you can take your pick.

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Finally another one of his books, the laws of success which I am yet to read can be found here