Relationships & The Law Of Attraction

love and relationships

I’ve come across several of friends suffering from relationship issues this week so I decided that there was need for this post.

Relationships are great as soon as you don’t need them. It’s simply the way it works. When we have discovered ourselves to the point where we’re simply not looking for them, the relationships will come, but what do we do?

We grow.

Relationships, like water, seek their own level. We’re simply not going to find the person we’re “looking for” unless we’ve grown to the point where we’re not looking. Or we can settle, which is absolutely fine. In fact, most of us do this, it’s just that we’re settling at a level that is perfect for us for a period of time. 

I’ve done the whole manifest a relationship thing and while it worked, every time, I continually found one thing in common: the relationship was as healthy as I am.

To quote Mooji, “If you’re (single and) looking for the love of your life, you don’t know how lucky you are…” “Finding the love of your life can become a life sentence.”

I’m sure that this isn’t the advice that anyone is looking for. But the hunger to find the perfect person simply arises out of a feeling of being incomplete. Perhaps there’s something deeper that you’re actually craving; a connection, not necessarily romance that is out there.

Romantic relationships are a tool of growth, of happiness and can be incredibly awesome. But they will  challenge you to grow. They will challenge you to even examine your desire for relationships, and that is beautiful.

But like all of life’s beautiful things, they are ultimately transient and more importantly demand growth of some sort and growth is uncomfortable at times. So, I highly suggest a smoother transition. Let go of what doesn’t work and dare to be single. Perhaps you’ll find something deeper and even more fun!

I mean, the point of life is definitely much more blissful and enjoyable than struggle. Why not enjoy yourself and take the easy path until fun finds you?

I don’t intend for this or any of my posts to be definitive truths. I’m actually more interested in what other people have to share than my current truths. I dare to share my perspective to see what other people have to say.



The importance of Platonic Love and the Fallacy of the “Friend Zone”

A good friend reminded me that while we’re often caught up looking for our soulmate, we get blinded to the many soul-mates who are already in our lives.

Our soul-mates are our best friends with whom we could spend days talking to about pretty much everything. Our soul-mates are there when we need a shoulder to cry on or just as important need someone to talk to or just listen.

I met one of mine recently. Her name is Heather (who happens to have an equally great, yet much longer running website of awesomeness) and it was more of a meeting of two souls who haven’t seen each other for a long time, rather than two strangers bumping into each other at a cafe.

Immediately we hit it off and had tons to talk about and share. We started to talk about books and she mentioned her interest in the book “A Course in Miracles.” Which, by the way is an excellent book and can be had for all of four or so dollars on or any other bookstore. We decided on the spot to start reading it together and met today, for the second time in our lives, to go over the first chapter.

To make a long story short we barely got six pages into it because we basically had twenty something years to catch up on with each other, like old friends seeing each other after years, except we had only met a week ago.

In the past, meeting people with whom I shared so much in common, (spiritual, Awesome, brilliant,and attractive 🙂 I would have been so driven by the need to meet “My soul mate” that I would have confused the situation, tried to date her and messed up a divinely appointed soul meeting.

However this didn’t happen. And it got me thinking. There are probably a lot of people suffering right now form the blinders that our society puts on male/female relationships.

While we are born into these blinders we all have the power to take them off! I’ve heard countless men complain about women who “only want to be their friends” and feel genuinely “stuck” in a friendship role with their female friends whom they are attracted to.

What I had to do was (through painful learning) appreciate the genuine joy, potential and possibilities within all of my relationships when I took a perspective of gratitude for the wonderful people in my life. Instead of thining of what I wanted from the other person, I looked for commonalities and what connections were organically forming.

It’s in these relationships that I find solace, communion and most of all, love without expectations.

Platonic Love is a love that transcends the physical. It’s something that is beautiful, enriching and mutually uplifting.

The wonderful thing is that if you have penned yourself into a cave of friend zone, and are miserable looking for your lover that is not there, just take off your blinders of “i don’t have” and you’ll probably see that all around you are wonderful relationships that can be life changing. And it’s a lot easier being someone’s friend than dating them too! So you can have tons of close enriching friendships with barely any stress! I surely do. And it is Awesome and it creates Winning.