How to live your best life…while being your best self

We all come from backgrounds with challenges in them. One thing that all humans have in common is a past. Our pasts our powerful. They began before our memories could fully grasp and catalog them. They inform our beliefs and assumptions about the world and this is great, as this is how we learn from experience. We don’t have to learn to drive every day because we’ve done it before and our beings adjust to the natural challenges inherent in these rote tasks.

Things become more complicated when we take into account the things that happened before we could make logical sense of the world around us and discern what was important to take away and what was not. Much of what happened to us as children simply made no sense to us, yet we were still incorporating what we thought happened into our day to day lives.

I find that this is usually one of the biggest things that holds people from living their best lives or being their best selves yet we are often unaware of this. So what do we do? Well, if you’re at the point in your life where you’re being held back by some unseen invisible wall, it’s time to start looking for answers as just giving up certainly isn’t going to get you to where you’re going.

I’ll be coming back to this over the coming weeks, discussing the things that we can do to get unstuck and living our best lives. Old memories are one, I will also cover relationship dynamics, self-talk, applied positivity, how to habitually become positive can do and proactive amongst many other tips so that we can begin to achieve the things that we are meant to without any of our internal garbage getting in the way.

I look forward to it! If you have any insights, stories or requests about any part of the healing journey, feel free to send me a message, comment below or shoot me an email @

Thank you very much! Have a great weekend!


Negativity purge pt. 2

To be completely honest, getting to the point of owning my negativity pain and fear was an excruciating process.

First I had to accept that it was even there. It had been covered up be sheer willpower mixed with denial, tons of caffeine and nicotine.

Then I dared to feel it, which was its own trip. That didn’t work out well or get me anywhere.

Finally my mind refused to accept that I had the power and the right to do away with it. Just because an emotion is justified doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.

So after years of struggling with this I decided to commit to this practice. I’m giving myself as long as it takes before I end this current purge. But it’s already working! And that’s enough for me.