How to live your best life…while being your best self

We all come from backgrounds with challenges in them. One thing that all humans have in common is a past. Our pasts our powerful. They began before our memories could fully grasp and catalog them. They inform our beliefs and assumptions about the world and this is great, as this is how we learn from experience. We don’t have to learn to drive every day because we’ve done it before and our beings adjust to the natural challenges inherent in these rote tasks.

Things become more complicated when we take into account the things that happened before we could make logical sense of the world around us and discern what was important to take away and what was not. Much of what happened to us as children simply made no sense to us, yet we were still incorporating what we thought happened into our day to day lives.

I find that this is usually one of the biggest things that holds people from living their best lives or being their best selves yet we are often unaware of this. So what do we do? Well, if you’re at the point in your life where you’re being held back by some unseen invisible wall, it’s time to start looking for answers as just giving up certainly isn’t going to get you to where you’re going.

I’ll be coming back to this over the coming weeks, discussing the things that we can do to get unstuck and living our best lives. Old memories are one, I will also cover relationship dynamics, self-talk, applied positivity, how to habitually become positive can do and proactive amongst many other tips so that we can begin to achieve the things that we are meant to without any of our internal garbage getting in the way.

I look forward to it! If you have any insights, stories or requests about any part of the healing journey, feel free to send me a message, comment below or shoot me an email @

Thank you very much! Have a great weekend!


In Lieu of Delusions

I shed a bunch of delusions lately. Our lives are all laced with them. What mine let me do-shedding them that is-is realize my core spiritual beliefs. So as a blogger who doesn’t care about personal privacy or judgement I’m going to share what happened. 

I came to terms with what I thought to be bullshit (in short). While I really hope that things like spirit guides etc are true I came to terms with the fact that it doesn’t matter on a practical level. I still strive to be aligned with the highest good of all of us and to be the best person I can possibly be. 

Being a good person for me encompasses generosity, self love, love of others and a striving to connect to the divine. But after all of this time the only real almost concrete practice is the practice of the law of attraction. There are concrete things that I can do and this creates the life that I want…over time. 

I have seen crazy things appear in my life. The exact woman I’ve wanted to meet in my life, down to the way she walks, exact sums of money appearing in my bank account (once I stopped meditating on manifesting a couple thousand dollars and I found a check for that sum sitting on my kitchen table) things like that. 

It was this retaliation. That and prayer, which I’m for some reason I’m hesitant to do. It’s beautiful. I guess I take that for granted because I already have that strong connection. 

I don’t have a particualar religion but I’ve found that getting in touch with spiritual sources is very powerful but it’s something that influences my consciousness more than it affects my concrete life. 

Anyway, we all have forms of relating to the universe and I realize that I have mine other people have theirs and their all very valid and fascinating. All besides people who think it’s okay to assault abortion clinics…they’re a bit confused. 

 Sanskrit mantra works very well for me. I suggest trying it if you haven’t. There are audio and text online. Just be prepared these deities will really show up and affect your life. I guess I get a little freaked out by that which is why right now it’s all LOA for me. 
What do you use to get in touch with spirit? Do you have things that you prefer over others and why? I’d love it if you shared. This is a discussion I am fascinated by

“Are You Spiritual?” The Three Questions Cool Kids Don’t Have To Ask On The Temporal Playground


Often times people ask me if I’m religious. Without hesitation I answer “no”. Which is completely true. I’m not part of an organized religion. But I’ve always been a DIY sort of guy, so why should my relationship to the cosmos be any different?

However, more often, and in different circles i’m often asked if I consider myself “spiritual”.

This is an odd question. I used to be confused by this, but after a bit of processing I’ve come to understand that people are essentially asking me one of three things. These things, when translated into Ammanuel, read as follows:

1. “Are you aware that you’re an incredibly amazing, eternal being interacting with other incredibly amazing eternal beings in a temporal playground?”

2. “Do you choose to play well with others while on this temporal playground?”

3. “you’re not one of those crazy woo-woo crystal people are you?”

to which my true answer is: certainly, certainly and certainly.

However, number one is often combined with an implicit “If not, then can I help you? Or “If so, then can I show off how ‘spiritual’ I am?” [insert pithy analogy of spiritual materialism and playground dynamics here]

Number 2 is usually asked by someone who has a very rigid set of rules as to what “play well with others” means and intends on trying to impose those often very un-playful rules upon me.

To Number 3, I usually answer “no” and run away as quickly as possible.

The coolest people are those  who don’t have to ask me any of the above 3. We just meet each other with knowing eyes, and hang out on the temporal playground. We read crazy books about crystals and how to ultimately, have some serious fun. We grow in our Awesomeness and hone our skills on how to play with others. We work, we play, we cry.

A better question would be Ammanuel “are you, you?” To which I would answer with certainty: “Yes, and with growing fidelity each day.”

Which of course, would be a silly question to ask in the first place.